About Killstring

Hello! I'm Jonathan Killstring, and this blog is entirely my fault. Plenty of other things have been my fault over the years; here's a few.

I spent some time as a performer, promoter, tour manager, and part of a management team in the music industry for about 6 years, off and on. I got to help cool bands like Beneath the Sky, Forever in Terror and Driver Side Impact get record contracts with labels like Victory and Metal Blade. I got to promote/run/mishandle concerts for some really great and diverse acts like The Devil Wears Prada, Phil Keaggy & Glass Harp, Sworn Enemy, MC Chris, Dead to Fall, Big D & The Kids' Table, The Specials, and my own hilariously unsuccessful-but-fun musical projects.

I don't have the rights to my old master recordings, but I do have some scratch demos up on my bandcamp, just for fun. Home studios are fun!

I do, on occasion, produce electronic music for hire. Selected samples can be found at my other bandcamp, and if you're interested in having a failed folk singer drop some beats for your podcast intro, I'm told my rates are embarrassingly low.

Music is fun, but it's not my career anymore.

I quit the business to attend Cleveland State University, where I got a dual-major in Journalism & Promotional Communications, and Public Relations, with a minor in Graphic Design. I enjoyed school so much that I got an MA in Applied Communication Theory and Methodology, with a focus on Strategic Communication. Multivariate statistical analysis is fun, and I'll fight you on that point. :)

Since then, I've been primarily making my way as a freelance writer, starting out with college textbooks, but quickly expanding into press releases, copy writing, SEO & ASO consulting, graphic design, and my personal favorite, RPGs, where I get to write for great projects like Modiphius' Infinity, Void Star Studios' Nova Praxis, as well as doin' work on the sequel to one of my favorite RPGs, Strands of Fate 2.

I occasionally try to limit my ramblings to 140 characters on Twitter, if moderately chatty birbs are your thing.

I reside in Ann Arbor with my S/O, coffeemaker, stuffed dragons and too-large collection of RPG books.