About Killsring

Hello! I'm Jonathan Killstring, and this blog is entirely my fault. Plenty of other things have been my fault over the years; here's a few.

I spent some time as a performer, promoter, tour manager, and part of a management team in the music industry for about 6 years, off and on. I got to help cool bands like Beneath the Sky, Forever in Terror and Driver Side Impact get record contracts with labels like Victory and Metal Blade. I got to promote/run/mishandle concerts for some really great and diverse acts like The Devil Wears Prada, Phil Keaggy & Glass Harp, Sworn Enemy, MC Chris, Dead to Fall, Big D & The Kids' Table, The Specials, and my own hilariously unsuccessful-but-fun musical projects.

I don't have the rights to my old master recordings, but I do have some scratch demos up on my bandcamp, just for fun. Home studios are fun!

I do, on occasion, produce electronic music for hire. Selected samples can be found at my other bandcamp, and if you're interested in having a failed folk singer drop some beats for your podcast intro, I'm told my rates are embarrassingly low.

Music is fun, but it's not my career anymore.

I quit the business to attend Cleveland State University, where I got a dual-major in Journalism & Promotional Communications, and Public Relations, with a minor in Graphic Design. I enjoyed schol so much that I got an MA in Applied Communication Theory and Methodology, with a focus on Strategic Communication. Multivariate statistical analysis is fun, and I'll fight you on that point. :)

Since then, I've been primarily making my way as a freelance writer, starting out with college textbooks, but quickly expanding into press releases, graphic design, and my personal favorite, RPGs.

I occasionally try to limit my ramblings to 140 characters on Twitter, if moderately chatty birbs are your thing.

I reside in Ann Arbor with my coffeemaker, stuffed dragons and too-large collection of RPG books.